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The Secret Lives of Seashells is a series of highly acclaimed videos featuring mollusks and other interesting sea creatures.

Mollusks in Action and Trails & Tales of Living Seashells are well-researched and wonderfully produced videos that can be enjoyed by members of a large audience, including mollusk students, naturalists, and curious beachcombers."
José H. Leal, PhD
Director, The Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum

Seashells can be found on beaches around the world, but few people who walk these beaches have the opportunity to see live mollusks, the animals that create these shells.  These videos give you an “up close and personal” encounter with mollusks and other creatures of the sea.


Mollusks in Action introduces elementary, high school, and entry-level college students to the intricate lives of mollusks. It focuses on the anatomy of gastropods and bivalves, their methods of locomotion, what they eat, and how they protect themselves and reproduce.

Trails & Tales of Living Seashells features sea creatures that make trails in the sand. Other segments include: the mouth action of a spiny urchin; the unusual escape response of the nassa mud snail; and the complex spine movement of sand dollars.

The Secret Lives of Seashells Teacher's Guide gives background information for educators and for use in the classroom. Adapatable for elementary students through entry-level college students, it provides activities that may be modified for specific classes or grade levels. It includes twenty printable photographs, and over seventy additional online resources.

Education Series Vol. 1 is a three-disc set that includes both videos and the teacher's guide.